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"Called Out By God!"

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5 Minutes With...


Name: Brian F. Malone

Birthday: After “The Crucifixion”

Where are you From:  Houston by way of Baytown


What is your Major: Architecture

What is One of Your Favorite Gospel Songs, Why? Shekinah Glory – “YES!”
Because all God wants is a “yes”… but yes might cost you everything.

What is your Favorite song that Good News has sung so far? 
In Advance

Whats Your Favorite food? Italian Food -

Hobbies and Hidden Talents: Ministry, Music (keys), I can move my ears!

What is Your Weakness?: I commit to too many things

Favorite Colors- I am colored… and proud of it.

Ideal Fantasy Car: Aston Martin – Vanquish

Is the Glass half full or half empty? If its kool-aid…empty!

Favorite Quote or Phrase: “In all thy ways acknowledge him and will direct thy path…”

What section in the choir do you sing? “Da band” / Tenor

Do you play an instrument? “Keys”

Your Church/ involvement: Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Church- Musician

Your Favorite Tv show: Cosby Show/Different World – currently Grey’s Anatomy (That’s right… I said it!)

Your Ideal Evening attire: Dress: Sport Coat and slacks ; At Home: T-Shirt and Sweats

Name someone that inspires you and tell why: Charis Monique Roubleau – I Love Her

What is your Ideal Evening with friends? Good food, good conversation and a good game of Taboo.

Favorite Movie: “Love Jones” – a classic

What are your Goals in Life: To fulfill whatever purpose God has for me. If I can do that, then I have accomplished my purpose.

Tell us about your Most embarrassing moment on Campus so far (Even if it wasn’t that bad):

I have no embarrassing moments, to my knowledge. Aside from the fact that I drove a car for two years with no bumper! I have a song written about my car that I hold near and dear to my heart…but you’ll never hear it. Check out the IGNUT Album 2002!




Good News Gospel Choir, University of Houston co. 2006